Saturday, September 17, 2011

Recycling my daughter's dress

Seattle had some beautiful sunny days this August and I was hoping we might have an Indian summer. Unfortunately September brought autumn with it and the cold rainy weather we are known for was not far behind. I decided to go through my daughter's summer clothes and sort into donation, clothes for my neice, and what simply needs to be thrown away.

The picture above is a summer dress from Cath Kidston in London. My daughter wore this dress a lot this past summer and it became too dirty to donate or give to my neice so I thought about throwing it away. However, since this is a gift from my good friend Donovan and Mandy, who got it for our daughter when they went to London, I could not throw it away. I also love Cath Kidston and so I decided to recycle this dress and make a futon set for my daughter's baby doll.

Here is the picture of her baby doll. My daughter loves to wrap her in a bath towel and make her sleep right before she goes to bed. We can do better than just a towel, right?

I cut open the summer dress and used the pretty flower print fabric to make quilted futon, conforter, and a pillow. It took 1 hour or so to make everything.

I kept the Cath Kidston tag from the dress and sewed it on the futon. It is now a Cath Kidston futon set for a baby doll!

Don't forget about details. Ribbon!

Last night, I put this new futon set with the baby doll in front of my daughter's room to surprise her when she woke up. This morning sure enough, as soon as she found it she came running into our bed room and said, "Mommy, did you make these for my baby?" She looked so happy. Her smile makes it worth all the effort, and then some...


  1. Oh wow. Wow. You are officially my idol.

  2. LOL, Taji,

    You are so funny and so sweet! You are mu idol because you are so smart have a full time job at work and at home, but you knit so many amazing things! Also I admire your attatchment parenting! :D

  3. this so cute:) can you make me a futon too;)

  4. Vi,
    If you have an old Clothes of your daughter and want to make something, let's make it together! :D You can come over anytime and use my sewing machine. :) Of course, futon for a baby doll is so easy that I can make it for you. :)