Saturday, September 17, 2011

Let's make cookies!

Since my daughter started going to school full day she has been exhausted. I don't blame her. Last year she went to preschool only in the morning and afterwards we would usually meet up with some friends but this year she just wants to come home right away. I think it will take a month or two for her to get used to the new schedule.

After school we go straight home and she does not even want to go outside to play. I need an inside activity so I decided to bake some cookies with her. I was craving a jam thumbprint cookie that a friend made several times for us. I decided it was time to try and make them ourselves. My friend originally got the recipe from the Food Network website and simply sent me the link. How can you not love the Food Network?  You can get the recipe here.

My daughter did great job rolling the cookie dough, dipping it in egg wash, rolling on coconut flakes, and putting jam in the center. Finally she got to use her playdough skills! Thank you Hasbro.

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