Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lunch Boxes (Septembern19 ~ 23)

Here are this week's bento boxes.

Butterfly Lunch (Monday)
All natural frozen mickey mouse chicken nuggets, from Costco
Japanese sweet potato with honey and sesame seeds
Japanese cooked fish sausage, cut with a butterfly cookie cutter for decoration

Korean Pancake Lunch (Tuesday)
I had some Korean savory pancake mix in my pantry so I used it with milk, cabbage, chives, broccoli, and shrimp to make a savory Korean pancake. I then cut it into bite size pieces and packed it into her lunch. This lunch box is one of my lazy boxes and I don't like how it looks but oh well.

Sesame Street Lunch (Wednesday)
To compensate for yesterday's not so wonderful lunch (tastes great but not so decorative), I made a Sesame Street lunch.
Tamagoyaki (Japanese eggs)
Carrots, cut like flowers
Kamaboko (Japanese processed white fish product)

Puppy Lunch (Thursday)
Frozen fish sticks, from Trader Joes
Tomato ketchup and mayo, mixed as a sauce for fish sticks
Tamagoyaki (left over from yesterday)
Meatballs (left over from yesterday)
Onigiri (rice ball), with dried seaweed to make puppy's face

Autumn Lunch (Friday)

Do you remember Soboro Bento from a previous posting?
Cooked ground chicken thigh, scrambled eggs, green peas with rice. When you eat, you mix everything together first.
I cut carrot like fall leaves to create this "Autumn Lunch".
Let's celebrate the beginning of the fall season! 

If you click the links you can see recipes from my previous postings.

Which is your favorite lunch box from this week or from the past 3 weeks? I think the autumn lunch box is my favorite because it is simple, tastes good, and you can clearly tell it is representing the fall season (well I hope it is).


  1. These are adorable once again! You are so creative! What a sweet reminder of your love when she opens her lunch each day :) I love the Autumn one especially!

  2. Hi Heather,

    Thank you so much for your nice comment. :) That is what I am hoping for. I know she has so much fun at school with her friends but during lunch time, I want her to remember me and know how much I think about her each day. I wish I could see her when she opens up her lunch at school. She is picky eater but she got better at trying everything at least one bite since I started making her lunch.

  3. I'm so inspired by your lunches AND by your fun projects. What a wonderful way to show your children how much you love them. They will remember these loving gestures for their entire lives.

  4. Wenmei,
    Thank you! I am inspired by your photos too! From you photos, I feel so much your love towards your children. I wish I was as talented as you are taking photos! Whenever my friends ask me if they know any photographer, I tell them about you. :)