Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lunch boxes photos (September 12 ~16)

My daughter did much better eating her vegetables this week. I am a happy mom. Also I am getting better at packing lunch in the morning. I can pack it in about 20 minutes or so on avarage. The key is to prepare some of food the night before, use leftovers from dinner, and use frozen food wisely.

All I have are photos for now, I promise that little by little I will introduce some of the useful recipes for lunch boxes.

Snoopy Bento
rice, Japanese version of cod fish meuniere, carrot and gobo root stir fry, broccoli, grapess

Pig Bento
rice with furikake and cooked spam, Tamago, chikuwa with mix vegetable and cheese, apple

Teriyaki Chicken
teriyaki chicken, snow peas, cooked carrot, apple, grapes

Chinese Bento
leftovers, fried rice with egg cut with airplane shape cookie cutter, pork and vegetable pot stickers, garlic stir fried snow peas, apple

American Bento
SB and J sandwich (Soy nut Butter), chocolate soy butter and fresh banana sandwich, dried raisin, grapes, chicken and broccoli gratin


  1. These are amazing! Your daughter must be so excited to eat lunch every day!

  2. Yes, she asks me every morning what I am packing for lunch. She says "Let me see mommy, let me see!" and when I show her and explain what I pack, she gets excited and says "Mommy, I remember I try at least one bite of everything!" She knows the rule. :) When I pick her up from school, she shows me how much she ate and tells me what she liked and what she did not like. It is a lot of work but I have fun making them.

  3. This is so cute:) how do come up with different ideas every morning?

  4. Vi,
    Thank you! I usually think about the menu for coming week during weekend. I have several books and so I look at them and comeup with menu, ideas, and write down how I will pack them into a small bento box. :)

  5. So cute! Love the Snoopy & the pawprint.

  6. Hi Asianmommy,

    Thank you for your lovely comment. :) I love the Snoopy bento as well.

    If you read this, can I ask you how you find my blog? I am just curious. Thank you!