Sunday, May 9, 2010

Photography class and Madelines

My husband and I purchased a Nikon D40 when I first found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I had always wanted to learn how to use it to take good photos but I did not have a chance until last Thursday.

I signed up for a digital photography class at Bellevue Community College and last Thursday I started attending. My first homework assignment was to take pictures that show who I am, what my hobby is, what my interests are. I decided to take some photos of my baking.

First problem. What to bake?


I need to be honest about something. I am impatient person. I don't read manuals and I like to jump right in and when I get excited about something I don't like to wait. That's why when I wanted to bake and use ingredients around the house, I decided to bake madelines. I can even bake them while my daughter is napping instead of late at night when I usually tackle my bigger projects.

The first batch was overbaked slightly. Watch out, they bake very fast. Some people might throw them out. I fed them to my husband.

Although madelines are easy and quick to bake it is very time consuming to take photos of each and every step. It took twice as long as usual.

This assignment seemed easy at first but the more photos I took the more challenging I realized it really was. I like to check the photos on my laptop as I work, but I sometimes don't check enough. Viewing the photos I took (and I took a lot of them!) I did not like most of them and wish I had checked the photos before I finished eating those delicious madelines. I could have rearranged some of them differently, changed the composition, or the lighting. Lesson learned. Take photos, review, take more, then eat.


  1. Your photos are lovely! I love to bake too, but have been having to learn gluten free due to my son's allergies. It's challenging. Hope you bring some of these to the meeting!

  2. Hi Katie,
    I understand about your situation since my daughter is allergic to peanut and tree nuts. The reason why I start baking my own madelines is that most store bought have made in a facility where peanut and nut are used. Gluten must be harder though since most baked goods have gluten.