Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day weekend project

This weekend I was determined to try quilting for the very first time.

My dear friend Maki and I learned how to quilt from her friend one Saturday in March but since then I have not have a chance to try it. I have been collecting fabrics and been looking at them once in a while imagining what I would like to make.

Because this was Memorial Day weekend and rainy, I knew if I didn't quilt now I may not have another chance for a very long time. So I did it!

I decided to make a toddler-sized comforter quilt for my daughter. I wanted my first quilt to go to my dear little girl.

I was surprised how much I got done considering it was my first time quilting. I have to say it is because of my kind husband who took care of our daughter this weekend giving me the time to quilt.

I made my own pattern, cut the fabrics accordingly, sewed them together, and finished assembling the layers, but I am stuck. I have no idea what to do from here. It is time for me to contact Maki's friend again and hopefully she can show me how to actually quilt them together.

My quilt is not finished but I wanted to share what I did this weekend on this blog. I will update everyone when I finally finish making the quilt...hopefully in the near future.


  1. Cute!!! I love your choice of fabrics. I will let you know when I start quilting.

  2. looks great! Have you made your binding yet? You can make it all one color, or you can "patchwork" it like the middle color will probably look best. I'm going to pull mine out and get it done!

  3. Wow! It looks great! You are so talented and inspire me a lot!I got a sewing machine on mother's day...but I don't know where to start... I love your fabrics. Where do you usually get them? I am thinking to sew someting for my kids. Is there any good books for that?

  4. Hi Maki,

    I miss you and thought about you a lot while I was sewing! I wished you were still in Seattle...

    I went to the fabric store you took me in wallingford. I like french country theme fabrics but also I like modern fabrics too now. I wish to do quilting with you when you come back here to live in Seattle.

  5. Hi Georgia,

    I should make bindings cuz I have not and I think that is something I can do by myself now. Thank you for reminding me. :) I don't know what fabrics I will use to make binidings. I am thinking about purple fabric with a whilte polka dot pattern....I will see.

  6. Hi Yukako,

    Thank you for your comment. :) Congratulations on your new sewing machine! It comes in handy.

    When I bough mine, the store had a special class on how to use the machine for customers so I attended that one day. I don't have a lot of books on sewing since I don't sew anything difficult. I usualy sew only straight lines. I sew curtians and table cloths and they don't require a lot of skills or books.

    For aprons and my daughter's bib, I just grabbed newspapers and a pair of scissors to make patterns out of my own apron and bibs that I already had. Eventually I want to make my daughte's clothes and stuff but it is too advanced for me. I need to take a class probably.

    I have 2 favorite fabric stores one is in Bothell and the other is in Walingford.....I know where it is but I don't know the names. I will look them up and let you know later. ;)

    We should do sewing together sometimes. Contact me anytime you want to get together.

  7. Very impressive. Can't wait to see it when it our is all done. I think your next one should be for your dear friend in Snoqualmie with 2 kids.........................

  8. Yvonne,

    LOL. I can make you some quilt if you like or we can do it together! I think you will enjoy it. :) Breezy can do it too. ;)