Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day at Pike Place Market

On Mother's Day my husband took my daughter and me to Pike Place Market (I happened to request it specifically). I just love it there, any time of the year.

When we lived in Seattle downtown I used to walk there all the time. Now that we have moved across the water to Bellevue we don't go to Seattle as much as I would like. Whenever I have an excuse to go out for breakfast, I request either Le Panier at Pike Place Market or Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle. I can't get enough of them.

I always order a latte and one pain au chocolat at Le Panier for breakfast but if I go there in the afternoon, I order a piece of apricot tart. You have to try them! They're delicious.

I told my husband not to get me flowers on Mother's Day. They are usually too expensive and he couldn't choose an appropriate bouquet to save his life, but he does try hard. I also prefer to receive flowers unexpectedly as a just because gift. I'm sure there are wives out there that feel the same way as I do but judging by the number of men walking around with flowers I'm guessing not many.

As I walked around the market the sheer number of flowers overwhelmed my senses and I could no longer resist.

I bought two bouquets.

On that special day for mothers, I missed my own mom who lives in Japan. I wanted to celebrate Mother's Day with her and show my appreciation - an appreciation that has grown now that I have a child of my own.

The reason I love eating, cooking, baking, and having fresh flowers at home is because of my mom. She made sure that I was exposed to a lot of different foods by even cooking things she does not like to eat herself. She and I made doughnuts, cookies, cheese cake, and other baked goods together, and wherever we lived she made it home by decorating with flowers and of course love.

So on Mother's Day, thank you mom, I love you.


  1. Awww, your mom must be SO proud of you, Ai! Makes me wish I had a better relationship with my own mother.

    I miss Pike Place Market, too. And as much as I also like La Panier's pain au chocolate, I love Pirosky Pirosky even more. Maybe because they have both savory & sweet options so I can get one of each. ;-)

  2. Martina, you are a wonderful mother already and I am so impressed by how calm you are with your first baby. I was more in panic with Enna.

    We should go to Pike Place Market since weather is getting nice. We should have a girl's day out during weekend while hubbies take care of our babies.

  3. Ai, I'm really liking that idea! I'll have to start an email to some of our mutual friends to get this plan rolling and on all of our calendars!

  4. Martina,

    Yeah, we should totally have our girl's day out soon. ;)